TAPA Reveals Rise in Freight Crime

TAPA Reveals Rise in Freight Crime

New figures released by the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) have lifted the lid on the extent of freight crime around Europe.

The Association's Incident Information Service (IIS) has tracked a 59.6% upsurge in freight losses in 2017's first quarter when compared to 2016's statistics. In financial terms, that amounted to a massive £37.2 million loss.

TAPA also produced figures which point to a need for more secure parking locations - over 72% of crimes happened when trucks were parked in unsecured locations. The association has suggested that trusted shipping and logistics providers dealing with high-value goods would be reluctant to use the majority of truck parks until security had been tightened up.

Over the same period, it was found that 45% of reported crimes logged by TAPA entailed financial losses of over €100,000 when they took place at the unsecured locations in question. While some 90% of losses entailing between €50,000 and €100,000 financial loss were found to have occurred in these unsecured parking locations.

What does TAPA intend to do about it? They have already launched an initiative across 35 countries which has communicated the benefits of taking more security measures to as many as 520 parking place operators (PPOs). The campaign stretches from Europe into the Middle East and African regions, explaining the advantages of the Parking Security Requirements which TAPA has set out to spearhead the initiative. Many global logistics networks already consider the Trucking Security Requirements (TS) and Facility Security Requirements (FSR) used by TAPA as a minimum qualification for truck parks they put on their routes.

TAPA has highlighted the business opportunity which the new parking standards present to truck parks, making them more secure in the eyes of high-value goods shippers on the look out for parking locations.

The head of TAPA EMEA’s Secure Parking Working Group, Tony Kavanagh, explained to the Lloyd's Loading List website: “European freight crime, in particular, is at an unprecedented level, and the biggest threat occurs during road transportation, specifically when drivers need to take mandatory rest breaks. The lack of a database of trusted and secure parking places means vehicles end up parked in lay-bys and on industrial estates, which can make them an easy target for cargo thieves operating in those areas."

According to TAPA, many of the 520 truck parks targeted may already meet the new standards, but by giving them certification, they are being brought into a trusted network of parking locations which appear more likely to be used by high-value goods shipping providers.

The initiative incorporates a new tool which will be launched by TAPA, allowing shipping and logistics providers to view the details of every parking location which is compliant with the PSR guidelines. Also provided will be information of freight crime on particular routes, adding up to a solution which gives shipping and logistics providers a new data resource for route planning.